Platform to monitor menstrual cycle changes,private discussion about the reproductive health life changes and provide advices about behavior and diet regarding to your current menstrual cycle period , available using feature phone,Mobile app and web application



This platform provides information regarding to your current period of your menstrual cycle. guides on how to behave in each period of your menstrual cycle as in warning you from some behaviours basing a current period. It also guides on what what kind of food to take in each period of your menstrual cycle because there are some food forbidden and other advised regarding the current period of the menstrual cycle


We have been hearing young women and women at large complaining about not having someone to explain to them some of the things they don’t understand regarding the reproductive system in general. Our platform has a forum where you can be able to talk to a professional person and ask him or her anything you want to know better or anything you have or want to tell him and give you advice.