Back in time when I was in senior three, one of my classmates found herself in unexpected periods. Some started laughing at her while on her side she was very embarrassed. But I asked myself, how can a high school lady not know how to count her days. I couldn’t understand it that I kept on asking different ladies if they know how to count their days. When I was about to do senior six national examination, I thought on it again and asked my classmates the same question. Surprisingly, most of them didn’t know how to count their days. That’s when I started thinking on how and what I can do to help them count their menstrual cycle. In that year when waiting to start university, I realised that in my village six houses out of ten have young women who got impregnated at an early age. Joining university, I found the same situation. As I kept on talking to different women, they even mentioned that sometimes they need information on their reproductive system and don’t know who to ask. That’s when I decided to create an application which help women to predict their menstrual cycle and provide them different information regarding reproductive system. Therefore, this platform helps women to predict their menstrual cycle, and notify them whenever the period changes.